Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break - Days 3 & 4

Spring break is winding down and Mama's hours are picking up toward the end of the week, so she planned smaller, but still fun adventures for days 3 and 4.

Day 3's adventure brought us to one of our favorite haunts!

Yup, the library.  We are indeed nerds and proud of it!

This particular branch of the library system has beautiful Hawaiian quilts and artifacts upstairs.

They also change out their showcase each season. For spring a whole collection of bunnies, of which I only took a few pictures!  This one was made of shells.

Some very oriental looking ones,

And some naughty ones that have been in the strawberry patch!

The boys each started piling up the books to bring home, but we stayed for a while to read a couple, too.

On day 4, we had invited one of Jimmy's classmates and brother to ride the train with us.

Trying to figure out the shaka sign....

Nope, not quite right... but very enthusiastic!

This is a little better!

After the train we headed out to the windy windy beach by our house.
It's a bit rough for swimming, but perfect for flying kites.

Joey did very well with his Buzz Lightyear kite.

He concentrated very hard on not letting the kite blow away! It was VERY windy!

After a few failed attempts to launch Jimmy's Thunderbirds kite, Mama got the lizard up and soaring.

Jimmy was not all that upset his kite wouldn't fly... he found something else to do...

He found a "submarine" to sail in the sand.

He did get a chance to fly the lizard kite before we left, though...

Mama had a bit of business to attend to downtown, and the boys were very polite little gentlemen, so Mama took them someplace new for a treat!

This store is now on the danger list...

Day 5 will be a great one... something new for all of us, and it should just be a beautiful day for it, too!


cleanbooks4you said...

I am officially jealous of the warm weather in your pictures! The snow is just starting to melt here! (in Alberta, Canada) Cute boys!

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